Schuylkill Haven Borough
Residential Curbside Recycle Program
Call 385-2841 Ext 100




Recyling pickup is weekly and is picked up every Thursday in Schuylkill Haven for all residents.
A schedule is no longer needed, however, if you wish to have a hard copy you may pick one up at Borough Hall.
The Borough of Schuylkill Haven supports recycling in an effort to save natural resources and energy, reduce solid waste, and consequently reduce the landfill burden.

To insure that the recycling program is a success, please follow the directions outlined in this guide.

Ordinance No. 902 of the Borough of Schuylkill Haven requires all residents to separate the following materials from their regular household waste:

  • Aluminum Cans, Foil, & Plates

  • Clear Glass Jars & Bottles

  • Green Glass Jars & Bottles

  • Brown Glass Jars & Bottles

  • Plastic No. 1 & No. 2

  • Steel Cans

  • Cardboard
  • Magazines & Newspapers
Household hazardous waste (i.e., paints, solvents, cleaners, poisons, etc) are not permitted in garbage removal. Questions regarding the disposal of such items should be directed to the Schuylkill County Office of Solid Waste & Resource Management at (570) 628-1220.

Remember, that like your normal trash collections, schedules may be affected by holidays. Your hauler will notify you in the event of any change in your scheduled pick-ups. Call the Borough hall at 385-2841 for more information.

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