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Bubeck Park

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Bubeck Park on Washington Street features Stoyer's Dam, a performance stage, and three pavilions equipped with electricity.  It also has several charcoal grills, a gazebo, war memorial, small playground, and handicap accessible bathrooms.  Plenty of benches, trees, ducks, and swans adorn the landscaped grounds. It's the perfect scenic view to host outdoor gatherings and field trips.

If you enjoy walking, jogging, fishing or just want to have a picnic with your family, friends or someone special, Bubeck is most inviting and a beautiful place to relax.

Reservations are being taken for all three pavilions for parties, meetings or family outings.  To reserve a pavilion call 
(570) 385-1313.
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Meet Abby and RamboIMG_E2335[1] - Copy

Abby and Rambo welcomed their first cygnet Boomer in 2017. Abby was previously at Small Valley Farms in Halifax, Dauphin County, before coming to the park in August 2016. Rambo's previous mate, died July 30 from what is thought to be pneumonia.

Since then, Abby has laid eggs every year at Bubeck Park since then. In May 2022, five cygnets hatched in Schuylkill Haven’s park and  taken to Harrisburg and West Chester. They swans are under regular observation and care by Helen and Paul Seiders, known as the Swan Patrol. Three more eggs hatched in August 2022, and it was the first time the swan has laid a second nest of eggs in a year. The cynets were taken to West Chester, where they will have a permanent home.